Saturday, March 23, 2019
Sometimes when we are building up our kingdom, we become too critical. Because as queenly women we want the best of everything, including ourself, we tend to focus on what is wrong-what can be fixed-and forget about all the wonderful things that going just right, or at least improving in our world.

Today, before we even start this business of becoming our best, let's just take a moment to stop and think about where we are right now.

Take a moment and stop and think of  all the adversity you have already overcome in your life. You may be 25 or 75. It doesn't matter. At some point you have faced something that caused a need for you to look deep inside yourself and pull out more strength than you ever thought you had.

Right now, all that matters is you are here. You have survived and made it this far, and I promise you, if you keep moving one foot in front of the other-I don't care what's pushing back on the other side-you will be the queen of your life.

I recommend taking a few minutes each morning to give thanks for your blessings and gifts. This can be in prayer to God, or a notebook you just hide away, or on your facebook profile page with audience marked as public. I don't care! It is completely your choice. But just stop each morning, and realize what a wonderful world this can be.

To get you started, I am going to share a few things I am grateful for today.

I am sitting in a cozy (ignore the mess!) home on a quiet street, while my rambunctious toddler napping upstairs.
It is Saturday and I am home which is my favorite place to be.
My amazing husband has taken our eight and six year old to a local museum, which means for at least a little while, the house is quiet.
I do not want for anything.
I am here.

See! It is simple. If you are reading this, you are likely more blessed than many people dream of. You can read! You have internet access! You. Are. Here.

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