Say Cheese!

Friday, March 22, 2019
Ugg. Noone likes me, whines the hard-to-satisfy inner child. My introspective nature wants to pick the whys apart, to cuddle and placate the child within. But decades of experience on Earth knows that this will only take me so far. And I want results. The world isn't seeing my inner struggle. Everyone else is running around, caught up in their own drama and they do not have time for my lengthy psychoanalysis.
I have done the research (reading dozens self-help books) I can't change people's inclinations and inner desires, so I am going to do the grownup thing here. I am going to start this new project, A Mighty Queen. I am mighty. I am a queen. So are you!
If your life is less than the best, less than all you dreamed of, come along with me on this little project. Let's see what we can do help make our own kingdoms more magnificent and our lives closer to the wondrous reign we dream of.

Step One:
Smile. I am going to smile. As a serious person I forget to smile a lot. This week, I am going to smile like it is going out of style. Today is Friday! The day of hope. What better  day than today to start such an adventure?

I will report in later this week on my results.
Want to play with me? Go clean those pearly whites (and set up a dentist appointment if needed!) and get ready to bestow your blessing on others with a happy, genuine smile. 

Want to join this adventure? Leave a comment introducing yourself and let me know a little more about the world you rule  or the improvements you want to make as we work together polishing that crown!

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  1. Update! The smiling worked great that day! Then I forgot about it. So I am going to shake it off and start again now. I will smile at someone at least once an hour. If I am alone I will go smile at the brown-eyed girl in the mirror.