Friday, May 24, 2019
When you are on your path, opportunities begin to unfold before you. This is the idea expressed in Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols.

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I enjoyed this book, as being about abundance, it is full of promises for a larger, more prosperous life. However, this book doesn't mess around. The author, Lisa Nichols, insists there could be years of hard work involved before material riches begin to unfold. However, as the author does note, not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur. And let's face, the path to riches for most of us probably going to be through our own ingenuity. You can work hard your whole life, but if you aren't working smart, if you aren't creating those opportunities for growth, it may not happen for you. Lisa believes we limit ourselves with out thoughts, and examines us to view our relationship with money.

That being said, while I was initially excited upon reading this book, I sort of lost interest after a while. For one, I don't feel like I have any new ideas. I feel like I will always be piggy-backing off someone else's idea. Maybe that is what we are all doing, though, and I am limiting myself with my desire for intellectual purity.

What is most helpful for the reader, I think, is this idea that if we are striving on the right path, opportunities start to appear. What does this mean?

It means take one step. Then another. Then another.

If your dream is to start an organization for homeless teens, then start looking at what is already out there and take that first step. Volunteer. Don't ask for businesses to give you free training. Offer your voluntary help and keep your eyes open and learn along the way. Work at a soup kitchen or a shelter. Take online coursework learning about social work and public administration and communications. Begin by taking one step towards developing your skills and expertise in the area and start getting out there and meeting people who can help make it happen.

Another important point Lisa makes is not to quit your investor too soon. By investor, she is referring to your day job. Maybe paperwork isn't your dream, but if your dream funds your passion, even if your passion currently remains a hobby, then don't quit it too soon. Because hungry people who are scrambling to pay rent, don't have much time to devote to their passion. Refer to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for more on this.

What if you are taking those steps and opportunities aren't happening for you? That is the time to step back and examine what is happening. Are you really living towards your dream or hijacking another dream? Are you acting in love or fear? Do you have the skills you need to progress towards your goal?

Start by looking at your list of dreams and then examine if you are really working towards that overarching goal of yours. Tweak where you need to. Take a class if you are lacking basic education in your area. Talk to people, not to impress, but to get to know them and discover the hidden gems in them. Imagine each person your meet as someone you were destined to meet and try to find out what you can do help them on their path. Often, though helping others, we get closer to where God wants us to go.

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