The most vital nutrient: Gratefulness

Sunday, May 26, 2019
Orange Mason Jar in Body of WaterSometimes, I feel as if all my hopes and dreams are bundled together like this little jar of fairy lights.

Lost, after a night of being tossed on the sea, lid loosened, they settle into shore to be found again.

How remarkably fortunate we are to live in our time and place. People suffer worldwide, but most who will read this little blog are quite lucky to live now.

We chase little dreams, some authentic, others with less than pure motivations, and we attain them like adding a notch on the wall. We forget we entered this world as naked babes bereft of our previous comforts and totally dependent upon the care of others. We forget the miracle of an awesome God who helps us along the way as we achieve and change.

Hope is a dizzyingly wondrous feeling. Hope is the meal of dreamers and it is almost enough.However, hope is living in the future, which is tempting and delicious to the soul, but cannot last forever. Sometimes our dreams gets tossed on the waves, and jars are dashed, and as beautiful as hope feels, it isn't quite enough. It is like eating only dessert and never a nutrient-rich soup.

Sometimes you have to stop and look at what you have. To let the dreams which have come true sink into your soul as you count your blessings, and remember all the help you have had along the way. This is the true nourishment. Gratefulness. So easy to overlook, but so very vital.

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